Our Story

“We are an English school located in one of the most touristic parts of London. Our goal as a school is to teach our students the necessary skills they need to excel in the academic and working worlds. We have different accreditations that allow us to teach and examine all our students who wish to learn English or improve it. Our school offers different options for studying and opportunities that can help you such as discounts on transportation, free speaking classes etc. For students outside the UK, we offer packages that include the course and the accommodation altogether. And last but not least, Time4London is and remains the only English school that offers you work directly with us, therefore, you do not need to contact employment agencies or pay registration any fees.”

Francisco Luna and Jose Luis García-Delgado Co-Founders


Time4London was born from the idea of offering an English language education through international experience, helping our students grow personally and professionally to achieve their goals and objectives. We strive to grow and improve day-by-day and to bring our philosophy to more countries, breaking down barriers and bringing people closer to different cultures and ways of life through learning.

Our Values

To carry out our mission we rely on our personal experience, and therefore on respectful treatment. Clear and honest communication workplace liability. Competitiveness and innovation. Self-critical evaluation. Work integrity.

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